HeatGEM, Intelligent Boiler Control

What is HeatGEM™?

A small device fitted onto commercial boilers with intelligent burner control, that matches the heat load demand to building fabric heat loss and adjusts to varying weather temperatures.


How Does HeatGEM™ Work?

The HeatGEM™ device matches the boiler firing rate to the building fabric heat loss by using weather temperature readings and sophisticated algorithms to calculate optimal firing intervals and duration.


A building has a heat loss rate through its fabric and the rate of loss varies according to weather temperature.

A boiler fires due to a slight loss of flow water temperature unrelated to building fabric heat loss.


HeatGEM™ – Addressing Boiler Inefficiency

Most commercial boilers are designed to provide sufficient heat at a weather temperature of -5°C. When the weather temperature is above -5°C, boilers are less efficient and this inefficiency increases in line with a rise in weather temperature.

As the average winter temperature is approximately +8°C this results in boilers operating at sub-optimal efficiency over a full winter period.


The HeatGEM™ device addresses this inefficiency.


HeatGEM™ – The Results

Fewer burner fires to overcome thermostat inaccuracy

Each fire is longer resulting in fewer purge periods thus reducing water temperature loss

Longer burner fires result in more residual heat gain which further results in longer idle periods

HeatGem intelligent logic makes best use of this important ratio between gain and loss

HeatGEM™The Benefits

15-30% SAVING on fuel


Boiler PERFORMANCE STATS uploaded to web daily


EASE OF ACCESS to all data through your web browser

REDUCTION in emissions and electricity consumption

QUICK installation

REDUCTION in boiler servicing

Boiler lifespan INCREASED